Hi, and thanks for taking a peek at my webpage! I’m a paranormal (dark fantasy)  and romantic suspense author.  Since all of my books have a mystery at the core, I love writing in both genres.


Book Three – City of Bones
Jess Vandermire and John (Britt) Brittain have been in Paris for three months now, but they aren’t going home yet. There’s a complicated vampire uprising brewing, and everything they’ve encountered in Paris so far has drawn them deeper into the conspiracy. It’s becoming apparent there are more than just vampires in the mix, but Jess still hasn’t figured out exactly what they’re up against…or who their true enemy is.


Vampire hunters Jess Vandermire and John Brittain are supposed to be relaxing in the City of Lights while Jess’s brother, Regent, a Catholic priest, fulfills a three-month assignment. Only their time in Paris so far has been anything but a vacation…

Last month, they managed to put down a demon uprising. But that’s nothing compared to what’s going on now. There’s a serial killer on the loose, the vampires are on the verge of civil war, and behind it all, there’s a secret society pulling the strings. If that isn’t bad enough, Jess’s newfound twin sister is stirring up trouble everywhere she goes.

But Paris is a dark place, alive with shadows of the past. If Jess and Britt don’t find some answers soon, mankind could become forever enslaved….

City of Bones—some secrets don’t stay buried…


City of Bones Trilogy – Book One

Book Five in Jess Vandermire’s Vampire Hunter Series

Released March 30th, 2018

When Jess Vandermire, Captain of New York City’s Vampire Hunting team, learns that her brother, Regent, has been sent to Paris for three months by the Vatican, she’s devastated. Regent’s been too involved with vampires as a priest to go to Paris without fearing vampire retribution. He’ll need backup. Lucky for him, Jess and her partner, John Brittain, have some vacation time coming.

Once Jess and Britt arrive, they know something’s not right in the city. Women are being murdered, and the vampire population is on the edge of revolt. But worst of all, the City of Lights is home to a lot of shadows, ones that move—and kill—of their own accord. But Jess’s existence is rocked to the core when Regent comes across a life-changing, long lost family secret.

It’s starting to look like there’ll be no rest for the wicked.

City of Bones—some secrets don’t stay buried . . .

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Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Author