Unknown Assailant

unknownassailant (2)Liz Davis is being targeted. There have been minor incidents happening since her parents died a year ago in a suspicious car accident.  Incidents that don’t raise anyone’s alarm but hers. The police have all but told her she’s delusional.

Suddenly her life takes a near-lethal turn and she’s forced to run. She has to play dead because she has no idea who wants to kill her.

Even though she tries to avoid her neighbors, she meets Jake Johnson when he helps secure a broken lock on the door of her rental property in Canada.  He is handsome and trustworthy and he makes her feel safe.  At least safer than she feels when she’s alone. Of course the little things happening in Fredericton are just accidents.  No one could have possibly found her yet – Could they?

Author of What She Doesn’t Know (Gardiner takes everything positive about romance novels, mixes it with a little bit of adventure and throws in an evil villain or two, resulting in a perfect petit four for sating a romantic craving. Just don’t be surprised if you are hungry for more 30 minutes later – Kirkus Review.)


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Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Author